Who’s Involved

This effort stemmed from a conference called Cooperation2015 in February, 2015, in which Michel Bauwens addressed attendees as Keynote Listener and suggest that we focus on creating Festivals to celebrate commons, Assemblies of Commons and Chambers of Commons.  Here is a list of people that have been working on this project so far

Michel Bauwens (ex officio) speaks, writes, and lives p2p theory and practices and heads the p2pfoundation.

John Steven Bianucci is Director of  Impact at Iroquois Valley Farms, a food and farmland certified B Corporation committed to generating positive triple bottom line returns (social, environmental and financial impacts), and a Global Ambassador for KOSMOS Journal.

Elias Crim publishes at Solidarity Hall Publishing, a publishing house that focuses on the roots of community and the sources of community renewal.

Sally Duros, Chicago journalist of note, has written about all things civic, community, technology and sustainability for the Chicago Sun-Times, Crain Communications, The Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post.

Steve Ediger works in the Information Technology, Civic Tech and Sustainability arenas to promote reengineering of our modern societies into more caring, thriving, equitable and sustainable practices.  He co-planned the Cooperation2015 conference and is on the planning team for our Chamber of Commons event.

Michelle Halle Stern presides at The Green Facilitator, a consulting firm dedicated to helping business implement green practices, teaches at Northwestern University’s Master of Program Management program and serves on the Executive Board at ARIISE.