Invitation to create a Chicago Chamber of Commons

Big Beach by Joe Parks, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  Joe Parks 

October 10, 2015

In 30 (and counting) cities around the globe

People are gathering to celebrate

emergence of a generative economy designed to sustain life not deplete life

In Chicago

our celebration is a call to create a

Chicago Chamber of Commons

an ambitious seed for a national vision, the

U.S.A. Chamber of Commons

We invite you to

Join us  

ICA Greenrise, 4750 N Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL

Who will want to  come —

  • Newcomers attracted to or wanting to learn more about about the commons
  • Gifted legal, financial, creative, business, technical minds inspired to midwife an emerging generative economy
  • Founders of hybrid social purpose organizations, B-Corps, L3Cs, those adhering to the triple bottom line
  • Organizations, initiatives and individuals working on economic, environmental, community, and cultural sustainability
  • local commons-oriented organizations
  • national/international commons-oriented organizations with a presence in Chicago
  • commons-oriented organizations focused on immaterial commons (knowledge, software, etc.)

Register here